Have You Tried the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?

Have you ever heard of Advocare? No? Then let us tell you what it is. Advocare is an American company that specializes in manufacturing products that are concerned with weight loss, nutrition, energy and sports performance. The company was founded in 1993 by Charles Ragus and currently it boasts of over 300,000 distributors. One of the products that this company is best known for is the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

How does this Product Work?

The 24 Day Challenge is simply a guide for monitoring your water intake, nutrition, supplementation and exercises. Its main function is to help you to lose weight. The products available in the pack help you to cleanse and manage your weight. In this 24 day long process, first the cleansing takes place, followed by the weight management.

What does the Product Contain?

Each box of Advocare 24 Day Challenge consists of the following:
• Mandarin Orange – Advocare Spark
• Fruit Punch – Advocare Spark
• Citrus Herbal Cleanse
• Meal Replacements Shakes – the options include Berry, Vanilla, Vegetarian Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Mocha, and Chocolate
• OmegaPlex bottle
• MNS Max 3, C or E, of your choice

Consuming these products according to the instructions given in the guide can help you achieve your desired results.

How does Each of these Ingredients Help?

Each of these above mentioned ingredients has an important part in your challenge regime. The Advocare Spark, both Mandarin Orange and Fruit Punch help in enhancing energy levels. The Herbal Cleanse detoxifies your body. The MNS Max of your choice helps in your overall wellness by controlling your appetite and managing your weight. Max E gives you energy. Max C controls appetite. Max 3 does both. The Meal Replacement shakes of the flavor of your choice, provide you with wholesome nutrition and is tasty and delicious. Lastly, the OmegaPlex is good for your fatty acids and also helps in advancing your overall wellness.

How does the weight loss Program Work?

The program can be divided into two phases. As previously mentioned, first comes the cleansing and then the weight control and management. The two phases are as follows:

1st Phase – Day 1 to 10
The first phase, also known as the Cleanse phase, lasts for about ten days. During this time, your body is cleansed off the various toxins that have accumulated within. It is also made to absorb high levels of nutrition. You may experience a certain amount of weight loss during this phase. These products used during this phase are the Herbal Cleanse, OmegaPlex and Advocare Spark.

2nd Phase – Day 11 to 24

The second phase, better known as the Max Phase, continues from day 11 and lasts till day 24. This phase is solely dedicated to managing the weight of your body. The products used during this phase include the Meal Replacement Shake, Advocare Spark and MNS Max. These two phases need to be strictly followed in order to achieve the result that you want.

What Kind of Foods to Eat During this Challenge?

Advocare does not recommend that you give up any of your major food groups while undergoing this diet. On the contrary, it is recommended that you maintain a well balanced diet that includes all the major nutrition groups. In addition to this, you should also drink lots of water as it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Also, follow an exercise schedule. This helps in further increasing your energy level and managing your weight.

Advocare is a very popular brand and the success of this challenge has led to an increase in selling Advocare even more. However, it is important that you consult with your doctor before starting this challenge.