Understanding the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge is a comprehensive program aimed at reducing weight and rectifying overall body composition. Advocare has been internationally recognized as a well known wellness and health care company that specializes in generating products that increase the nutrition and supplementation of your body along with advancing energy levels and stamina.

The Challenge

The 24 Day Challenge by Advocare is an extremely effective means of weight loss that takes into account your wellness, nutrition, supplementation, energy enhancement and overall body composition. The pack comes equipped with many different products, all of which are meant to further your weight loss program. The challenge is conducted in two phases. They are known as the Cleanse Phase and the Max Phase.

The Two Phases

As previously mentioned, the challenge is divided into two phases. They are as follows:

• The Cleanse Phase – It starts from day 1 and continues to day 10. It cleanses the body of all harmful toxins. It may also lead to a certain amount of weight loss. Products used during this stage are the Herbal Cleanse, Advocare Spark and OmegaPlex.

• The Max Phase – It starts from day 11 and continues till day 24. It is mainly concerned with weight management and body composition. It may also lead to an increase in energy levels. Products used during this stage are MNS Max, Meal Replacement Shake and Advocare Spark.

In order for you to experience the proper effects of this challenge, you have to follow the instructions that accompany this pack to the latter.

Products Included in the Pack

The products that come as a part of the challenge pack include the Herbal Cleanse, the OmegaPlex, The MNS Max (3, C and E), Meal Replacement Shakes of various flavors and Advocare Spark consisting of Mandarin Orange and Fruit Punch. All of these products perform special functions in the respective phases in which they are used. Each of them either gives energy, helps in weight loss, provides nutrition, and helps to develop muscles or take care of overall body composition.

Companion Products that can be Used

Each of the above mentioned products that are a part of the challenge are enough to help you achieve your desired goal. But there are some companion products that you can try that will make the challenge easier to endure. These include:
• ThermoPlus – It suppresses appetite and promotes a healthy metabolism rate for the body. It is a weight loss enhancer.

• Carb-Ease Plus – It breaks down the carbohydrates and fats in the body and provides assistance for body composition.

• Catalyst – It helps to develop muscles during exercise and weight management and also repairs muscle damage post-workout.

• Advocare Workout Series – This includes DVDs of 24 minutes long exercise sessions that are aimed to help you lose weight, build muscles and maintain the overall body composition.

These companion products are extremely helpful in aiding you to reach your objective effortlessly through your challenge.

Apart from the health benefits that Advocare provides, it also gives the customers an opportunity to earn extra income by selling Advocare and becoming a distributor.